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How can I bet on Wednesday's $140K Mini Lotto?

Mini Lotto Cover Image

Next draw: $140K on Wednesday, 29 Nov 2023 UTC

Draws every day in Poland

Mini Lotto Rules

Mini Lotto lets you bet on the outcome of Poland's Mini Lotto while enjoying the same odds and prize payouts. You select numbers in the same way as Mini Lotto players and the result of your bet is decided by the underlying lottery draw held in Poland.

Mini Lotto draws daily at 21:40 Central European Time (CET). This is normally 20:40 UK time.


  • Draws daily at 21:40 Central European Time (CET), which is approximately 20:40 UK time
  • 1 in 124.5 chance of winning a prize per line bet
  • 3 ways to win
  • 5 / 42 format
  • Advance purchase option normally available
  • Boost option normally available

How to play and win

A line bet consists of 5 numbers from a single pool of 42 numbers from 1 to 42. You can choose your own numbers or use quick pick to have numbers selected for you.

To make a bet:

Bet options:

You can:

  • Add line bets to your bet slip.
  • Bet upcoming draws with the future draws option, subject to availability.
  • Boost your line bets up to 8 times, subject to availability.

To win:

The objective is to match the numbers for each individual line bet to the numbers drawn in the underlying lottery draw.

  • 5 numbers are drawn from the same number pool.
  • Matching all 5 numbers in one line bet wins the jackpot.
  • You can only win 1 prize (the highest matching prize tier) for each line bet.

See below for all matching combinations.

How to check your results

We will make results available as soon as possible after the underlying draw has taken place. You will find all draw details by going to My Buys.

Most prizes will be credited to your account immediately. Bigger wins in the top prize tiers may be subject to additional verification procedures. If you haven't heard from us directly, please check your bet ticket for more information and wait a few hours for your account to be credited.

Combinations & odds of winning

For prize values, see the prizes tab. Prize types are defined as follows:

  • Type A is a jackpot and means that the prize pool in this category will be divided by the total of all winning combinations by Lottomart players, players in the EU Lotto network, and players of the underlying lottery draw.
  • Type B is the same as Type A but is not a jackpot.
  • Type C means the prize awarded is independent of winners in the underlying draw and is not further adjusted by winning combinations by Lottomart players or players in the EU Lotto network.

Tier 1 (Jackpot)

  • Match 5 to win
  • Type A prize
  • 1 in 850,668 odds of winning

Tier 2

  • Match 4 to win
  • Type C prize
  • 1 in 4,598 odds of winning

Tier 3

  • Match 3 to win
  • Type C prize
  • Fixed prize
  • 1 in 128 odds of winning

Other options

We don't currently support Super Chance or System bets.


All bets are subject to Lottomart's general Terms and Conditions. Please refer to them for more details.

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