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Online Scratch Cards UK

You have came to the correct place if you are looking for the best online scratch cards the UK has to offer! At Lottomart Games we go out of our way to ensure you have all the best jackpots available under one roof from the best slot game providers in the world, from Red Tiger to Light & Wonder to Pragmatic Play, and beyond. We also have a thrilling selection of worldwide lottery betting options, with some prizes running into the millions! Complementing this is our exclusive range of online Scratch Cards, including the popular Cash Factor series. These are some of the best UK cards, offering different themes and prizes that you won’t be able to find anywhere else! All are instantly available and just one scratch away!

How Do Online Scratch Cards Work?

Online Scratch Cards are really no different to the familiar physical cards. The only difference is that you won't be struggling to find a coin before you can reveal the symbols and see if you've hit the big prize!

Although game rules do vary slightly from card to card, each of our instant games has a breakdown of the rules, prizes and even a handy preview available on the Scratch Card preview page. That way you know what you're looking for before scratching away for the jackpot.

The way Scratch Cards work is simplicity itself. Playing a Scratch Card requires revealing all symbols by scratching the coating on the card either manually or automatically. The former requires scratching the game area by pressing, holding and swiping to remove the coating. You then shake your device (if you’re on a mobile platform) or select Reveal all to clear the coating and show all the symbols.

Automatically revealing the symbols is even easier. Ensure that the auto scratch switch is on and press the start button. The process of automatically revealing all the symbols then begins.

This is basically how all online Scratch Cards work, with very slight differences. In some cards, you might have to scratch more than one game area, for example. Everything is explained in step-by-step detail in the Rules section of each Scratch Card.

How To Play Scratch Cards Online in the UK?

Want to play our carefully curated range of Scratch Cards online? It’s as simple as navigating to the Scratch tab near the top-right of the screen and selecting the Scratch Cards that most take your fancy! We have a wide range of themed Scratch Cards, from high peaks of the alpines to a tropical journey, and from ancient Egypt to the gently rolling hills of the Irish countryside, and more!

Our range of Scratch Cards has been designed to provide a fully interactive experience, including sounds when matching symbols alongside chimes and animations when winning a game. In Cleoscratcha, Cleopatra winks at you when you win. In Europe Millions Scratch, the game logo glows upon winning a prize.

There are other quality-of-life functions, too. Reach the end of your Scratch Card stack, and the game automatically asks if you want to buy more. Also, should you decide to close the game midway through a round (i.e. when the card hasn’t been scratched with no foil left), the next time you come back, the game will show you the fully scratched result from that card.

With our range of online Scratch Cards you can purchase individual or packs of cards via the Buy cards link or green card pack button on the thumbnail. You can also buy Scratch Cards by selecting the thumbnail to see all the available purchase options. Different Scratch Cards have different prices for both individual cards and packs. You can also check the rules, prizes and even a preview of what the Scratch Card looks like by selecting the appropriate link.

How To Win Online Scratch Cards?

Winning requires matching a certain number of symbols on the Scratch Card. This shows the prize amount won. Again, different Scratch Cards do this in slightly different ways. In Alpine Escape, for example, winning requires revealing a snowflake symbol in game 1 and matching a certain number of symbols in game 2, which then reveals the prize amount. To help you, each of the Scratch Cards online contains information about what’s needed to win among a wealth of other information, so make sure to check out the Rules section if needed.

How To Check Online Scratch Cards?

Checking the results of our Scratch Cards online is very easy. In Europe Millions Scratch, for example, the total win is displayed at the top of the card once the coating has been completely removed. In Cash Factor 25K, the prize amount is shown immediately below the matching symbols that triggered the win. So too in Tropical and Alpine Escape. In each case, the process is designed to be as intuitive as possible. For more information on this or anything else regarding our range of cards, please click on the little (?) icon in the top right corner of each thumbnail.

Best Scratch Cards Online in the UK

Here at Lottomart, we have a fabulous collection of some of the best online Scratch Cards in the UK! These comprise a wide variety of themes! Have you got your eyes on the leprechaun's pot of gold, for example? Well, Rainbow Scratches is the card for you, with £150k on offer and the opportunity to win up to 4 times on every card! If you’re a fan of Ancient Egypt (and really, who isn’t), journey through the sands of time with Cleoscratcha! Individual cards start from £3 and a maximum £150,000 jackpot is possible! The Queen of the Nile awaits.

Have you ever wanted to surmount the mighty snow-covered peaks of the Swiss alps? In that case, why not run to the slopes with our hugely popular Alpine Escape Scratch Card? Or is a Caribbean getaway more your thing? Then take a sun-soaked journey with the Tropical Escape Scratch Card! Both cards start from just 50p a card with a maximum win of £20k available!

Love the Europe Millions lotto draw? Then we have some news for you! We’ve developed an exclusive Europe Millions Scratch Card based on that very lotto! Individual cards are £1 each, and a maximum £100,000 prize is possible!

Of course, we cannot forget the elegantly designed Lucky Tripler Scratch Card, so called because of the 1 in 3 chance of winning a prize per card. Individual cards start at just £2 and a potential £100,000 prize can be won!

Not enough? Of course not, and we have our unique range of Cash Factor Scratch Cards, with prizes ranging from £1k all the way up to a cool £100k! Let’s take a look:

There really is something for everyone at Lottomart Games!

Play Online Scratch Cards On Mobile

All our online Scratch Cards have been specifically built to be enjoyed on your mobile device, so there's no longer any need to have to go to your local shop to buy a physical card or fire up the desktop to have your bit of fun.

If you love the classic way of revealing symbols just like you would on a physical Scratch Card, then we got you covered. All you need to do is swipe away the coating on your touchscreen! Want an even easier method? No problem, we've even developed an auto scratch function, so we can take care of all the hard work there too!

Buy Online Scratch Cards at Lottomart Games

Here at Lottomart we have a great lineup of online Scratch Cards for the UK market alongside massive jackpot prizes available daily, instant games and an immense library of slot titles! Want more? We also create some awesome Scratch Card bundles so there are always amazing value deals for our players to get their scratch on!

Lottomart Games' range of massive jackpots does not end with Scratch Cards either. We also have hundreds of online slots available with jackpot prizes running into the millions, and with the chance to buy lotto tickets for draws from all over the world, there's no better place to play than the home of jackpot entertainment, Lottomart Games!

Best Online Scratch Card Bonus at Lottomart

If you like playing Scratch Cards online, then Lottomart is the place to be with our gripping compilation of cards available only on-site! To help you on your way, we have a generous welcome offer to boost your chances of landing a potential prize - 10 free Scratch Cards when you buy your first one. Want more? We’ll also give you 10 Free Spins to enjoy on Big Bass Bonanza!

How Much Are Scratch Cards Online?

Each Scratch Card has a specific price for buying individual cards or packs. The former start at just £0.10 per card and go up to £3 per card. Scratch Card packs start at £2 and increase to £10. Here’s a full breakdown.

  • Cash Factor £1K = £0.10 per card + £5 per pack of 50 cards.
  • Cash Factor £5K = £0.25 per card + £5 per pack of 20 cards.
  • Alpine Escape £20K = £0.50 per card + £5 per pack of 10 cards.
  • Tropical Escape £20K = £0.50 per card + £5 per pack of 10 cards.
  • Cash Factor £25K = £0.50 per card + £5 per pack of 10 cards.
  • Cash Factor £100K = £1 per card + £2 per pack of 2 cards.
  • Europe Millions Scratch £100K = £1 per card + £5 per pack of 5 cards.
  • Lucky Tripler £100K = £2 per card + £10 per pack of 5 cards.
  • Rainbow Scratches £150K = £3 per card + £9 per pack of 3 cards.

Meanwhile, Lottomart's Scratch Bundles range in price from £25 all the way to £200.

To purchase individual cards, navigate to the Scratch tab and select the Buy cards option to add them to your cart. To purchase card packs, select the green button on the thumbnail of the Scratch Card you want to purchase and complete the purchase using cash or any diamonds you may have accumulated.

Players wanting to purchase one of Lottomart’s Scratch Bundles can simply navigate to the Bundles section on the main page. They can then select the SCRATCH BUNDLES thumbnail, followed by the bundle they want to purchase. They can then add it to their cart.

Play Online Scratch Cards Safely at Lottomart

This is a real money gambling site. Please keep your play safe and fun at all times and only bet what you can afford.

What Are The Best Online Scratch Cards?

The best online scratch cards are a matter of opinion, however there are plenty of popular collections out there such as the Cash Factor and Europe Millions scratch cards.

Where Can You Play Online Scratch Cards?

You can play online scratch cards at a variety of online casinos; Lottomart being just one example. All that is required is an account and some deposited funds to play your favourite scratch cards.

Can You Play Scratch Cards In The UK?

You can play both physical and digital scratch cards in the UK, with one of the only requirements being that you are over the age of 18 in order to do so.

Are Online Scratch Cards Random?

Online scratch cards are completely random, with each game's outcome being determined by a random number generator. This ensures fairness due to it independently determining the results of each card.

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