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Cash Factor 5k Scratchcard

Cash Factor 5k Cover Image

Cash Factor 5k Preview

Cash Factor 5k Preview Image

Cash Factor 5k belongs to the Cash Factor Scratch Card Series. Individual cards start at £0.25 per card with a potential top prize of £5k. Meanwhile, the imagery is cheerfully elegant and fits the card’s cash theme!

Cash Factor 5k Scratch Card Game Background

Lottomart's Cash Factor 5k is another exclusive and bespoke Scratch Card not found anywhere else. Like most modern online scratch cards, Cash Factor 5k has several bells and whistles that set it apart from physical cards. The theme showcases a tasteful imperial purple colour with gold coins flying from all directions. Meanwhile, the logo showcases game show-type lights with a pink background.

Cash Factor 5k presents a simple 3x3 grid with pound symbols labelled PRIZE. The grid has a vibrant gold background with wavy lines. Unsurprisingly, symbols comprise safes, gold bars, suitcases, and more.

Cash Factor 5k is just one of 5 cards and the second one before Cash Factor 25K after Cash Factor 1K.

How To Play Cash Factor 5k Scratch Card

Players who love playing simple scratch cards with easy-to-follow mechanics will find much to love in Cash Factor 5k. The idea is to scratch off the virtual coating to reveal hidden symbols manually or automatically. Manually, players press, hold or swipe to remove the coating. They can also shake their devices or press the "Reveal all" button.

No time for manually scratching? This is where the auto-scratch feature comes in. Revealing the hidden symbols is as easy as pressing the start button. This continues until they get revealed in all purchased cards or a jackpot is won.

How To Win Cash Factor 5k Scratch Card

Winning a prize requires matching 3 symbols. The prize amount is shown immediately below the matching symbols.

Cash Factor 5k Bonus Features

Like the other cards in the series, Cash Factor 5k has no bonus features per se. A small feature it does have is symbols that light up in colour when forming part of a win.

Play Cash Factor 5k Scratch Card At Lottomart

If you like your cards tasteful and elegant, the Cash Factor 5k scratch card could be for you. It's available at Lottomart only alongside many other Scratch Cards. Cards start at 10p, while a pack of 20 cards costs £5.

Other Online Scratch Cards

Lottomart offers a wide range of Scratch Cards to purchase. Alongside Cash Factor 5k, we have the other ones in the franchise, like Cash Factor 1K and Cash Factor 100K. Looking for something different? You can head to a snow-capped mountain range in Alpine Escape or a tropical island paradise in Tropical Escape! Not enough? Lottomart has other themed Scratch Cards like RainbowScratches and Cleoscratcha. The former's setting is an emerald green forest in Old Erin’s Isle; the latter showcases Ancient Egypt’s most famous queen! All the Scratch Cards on the Lottomart site and mobile app are intuitive, and fully interactive and include the quality-of-life improvements of modern scratch cards. Here is our full range!

Cash Factor 5k FAQs

Where Can You Play The Cash Factor 5k Scratch Card?

All players over the age of 18 could choose to play the Cash Factor 5k scratch card game on various sites, including the popular Lottomart site as an example.

What Is The RTP In The Cash Factor 5k Scratch Card?

1 in every 2.85 cards bought in the Cash Factor 5k scratch card could produce matching symbols based on averages, although this number is not a guarantee and is worked out over a large control value.

What Is The Maximum Win In The Cash Factor 5k Scratch Card?

The top prize in this Cash Factor 5k scratch card is, as the name suggests, £5,000. Each card is valued at £0.25 each and the gameplay overall is rather easy to understand.

Can You Play The Cash Factor 5k Scratch Card On Mobile?

The option to play this Cash Factor 5k scratch card on your mobile device presents itself immediately, which is a huge bonus for anyone who likes to take their gaming on the go!

The Cash Factor 5k Rules


  • 1 in 2.85 chance of winning a prize per card
  • GBP/EUR/USD/CAD 5,000.00 top prize per card
  • GBP/EUR/USD/CAD 0.25 price per card
  • Price & prize currency matches your account's currency
  • 90.3094% payout (also known as return to player)
  • Match 3 symbols to win PRIZE

How to play and win

You must reveal all symbols by scratching the coating to see if you've won.

To scratch manually:

  • Scratch the game area by pressing, holding, and swiping until the coating has been removed and all symbols can be seen.
  • Shake your device or press reveal all to clear the coating and show all symbols.

To scratch automatically:

  • Set auto scratch switch to on.
  • Press start to initiate auto scratching.
  • Each remaining card will auto reveal, show results, and advance to the next card until stopped, the cards run out, or you hit a big win.
  • Hit stop at any time to prevent advancing to the next card after the current card completes.

To win:

Match 3 winning symbols to win the prize amount shown immediately below the matching symbols. Winning symbols will light up in colour.


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