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Cash Factor 100k Scratchcard

Cash Factor 100k Cover Image

Cash Factor 100k Preview

Cash Factor 100k Preview Image

Cash Factor 100k is the flagship Cash Factor card with the highest potential jackpot of (as the card name implies) £100k. Meanwhile, individual cards cost £1.00. Meanwhile, the imagery showcases opulent wealth to match the high maximum jackpot.

Cash Factor 100k Scratch Card Game Background

Lottomart offers a range of bespoke and exclusive scratch cards not available anywhere else. One of those cards is (of course) Cash Factor 100k, and it comes with the additional bells and whistles found in most modern online scratch cards. The gold bars in the background and the flashy logo with a sparkling gold sheen exemplify the card's wealthy opulence theme.

Cash Factor 100k features a simple 3x3 grid with pound symbols labelled PRIZE. The background has a gold sheen to it. Like the other cards in the series, symbols include cash stacks, piggy banks, money bags, and more.

Cash Factor 100k is part of a four-card series. Other popular ones at Lottomart include Cash Factor 5k and Cash Factor 25k.

How To Play Cash Factor 100k Scratch Card

Cash Factor 100k has simple game mechanics to match the simplicity of the grid layout. These involve scratching off the virtual coating to reveal hidden symbols underneath. There are two ways to do this: manually and automatically. Players press, hold or swipe to reveal the symbols with the former. Alternatively, they can shake their device or press the "Reveal all" button to remove the virtual coating.

If you want to make things even easier for yourself, you can also auto-reveal the hidden symbols using Lottomart's auto-scratch feature, available at the tap of a button. The automated process continues until all hidden symbols in all purchased cards get shown or players win a jackpot.

How To Win Cash Factor 100k Scratch Card

Winning a prize requires matching 3 symbols. The prize amount is shown directly below the matching symbols.

Cash Factor 100k Bonus Features

Although Cash Factor 100k has no bonus features per se, winning symbols light up in colour.

Play Cash Factor 100k Scratch Card At Lottomart

Like your scratch cards to have a touch of tasteful opulence? Then you might want to try the Cash Factor 100k scratch card available only at Lottomart.

Other Online Scratch Cards

If you like Cash Factor 100k, you might also want to play other cards in the series, like Cash Factor 1k and Cash Factor 25k. If you're looking for something different, the Tropical Escape and Alpine Escape cards might appeal instead. The former takes players to a tropical Caribbean island with placid sun-kissed waters, the latter to a winter ski resort high above the mountains. For players who like their lotto draws, we have Europe Millions Scratch inspired by the popular Europe Millions, also available at Lottomart! For players who like casino/Vegas theme games, we have the Lucky Tripler Scratch Card, in which it's possible to triple your prize amounts! You can find our full range of Scratch Cards below. They are all designed to be as intuitive and interactive as possible and can be played on-site or on the mobile app.

Cash Factor 100k FAQs

Where Can You Play The Cash Factor 100k Scratch Card?

The Cash Factor 100k scratch card can be played at various different online casinos, with Lottomart being one example. In order to do so though, players must be over 18 years of age.

What Is The RTP In The Cash Factor 100k Scratch Card?

The RTP of the Cash Factor 100k is 1 in every 3.08 cards. It is worth noting though that these are not guaranteed odds though, with RTP being theoretical.

What Is The Maximum Win In Cash Factor 100k Scratch Card?

As the name implies, the maximum win in the Cash Factor 100k scratch card is £100,000, with each card being valued at £1 per each. In order to win, 3 matching symbols must be scratched off.

Can You Play The Cash Factor 100k Scratch Card On Mobile?

Thanks to the adaptive technology used in its design, the Cash Factor 100k scratch card can be played across a number of different devices, mobiles included, if you have a stable internet connection.

The Cash Factor 100k Rules


  • 1 in 3.08 chance of winning a prize per card
  • GBP/EUR/USD/CAD 100,000.00 top prize per card
  • GBP/EUR/USD/CAD 1.00 price per card
  • Price & prize currency matches your account's currency
  • 75.00% payout (also known as return to player)
  • Match 3 symbols to win a PRIZE

How to play and win

You must reveal all symbols by scratching the coating to see if you've won.

To scratch manually:

  • Scratch the game area by pressing, holding, and swiping until the coating has been removed and all symbols can be seen.
  • Shake your device or press 'Reveal all' to clear the coating and show all symbols.

To scratch automatically:

  • Set auto scratch switch to on.
  • Press start to initiate auto scratching.
  • Each remaining card will auto reveal, show results, and advance to the next card until stopped, the cards run out, or you hit a big win.
  • Hit stop at any time to prevent advancing to the next card after the current card completes.

To win:

Match 3 winning symbols to win the prize amount shown immediately below the matching symbols. Winning symbols will light up in colour.


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