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Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher Cover Image

See if your dreams come true with a spin of the wheel in Dream Catcher! This hugely popular title by Evolution, played live with an eccentric cast of presenters, is now available to play at Lottomart Games. While there are various spin the wheel games out there, Dream Catcher stands out from the crowd due to its Multiplier segments. If numerous Multipliers hit in a row, there’s the potential to see a payout that multiplies your stake by a huge five-figure number!

Dream Catcher Game Details

RTP (Return to Player):
Min / Max Bet:
$0.10 / $192.50
Hit Rate:
1 in 2.4
Auto Play:
Diamonds per $:
Min. 300
Features Multipliers, Respins, Side Bets, Tableau / Stats, Wheel Game

Dream Catcher Online Game Overview

The simplicity of Dream Catcher is what makes it so appealing to both newcomers and experienced players. The game’s wheel features a total of 54 segments. To win at Dream Catcher, you have to correctly predict which segment will be chosen once the wheel stops spinning. As for these 54 equally divided segments, 52 of them are highlighted by a specific number (1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40). The other 2 segments are where the Multipliers reside. One segment has a 2x Multiplier, while the other is a 7x Multiplier. You can only bet on the numbers. If a Multiplier is hit, all bets remain until the wheel eventually stops on a number. Each number appears on the wheel at a different frequency. They also have different payout values. To make things simple, that value matches the number itself. For instance, the number 10 is effectively a 10x multiplier. If you bet $5 on the number 10 and it lands on the first spin, you win $50. Below is how the numbers and Multipliers are spread across the 54 segments:

  • Number 1 (yellow) = 23 segments
  • Number 2 (blue) = 15 segments
  • Number 5 (purple) = 7 segments
  • Number 10 (green) = 4 segments
  • Number 20 (orange) = 2 segments
  • Number 40 (red) = 1 segment
  • 2x Multiplier = 1 segment
  • 7x Multiplier = 1 segment
Dream Catcher is a real-time game. This means any bets you want to make have to be done prior to the round’s cut-off period. The game’s energetic presenters help with generating a vibrant and entertaining atmosphere, and they’ll respond to messages you send their way.

Highlights of the game

  • Easy Gameplay – Forget about needing to read pages of rules or coming up with a sophisticated strategy. Dream Catcher is one of the easiest casino titles you’ll find. Simply select at least one number and see if it lands on the wheel – that’s it!
  • Live Action – Become immersed in the Dream Catcher’s real-time gameplay. By watching the action and interacting with the presenters, a more engaging gaming experience is created.
  • Multipliers Boost Payouts – The Multiplier segments on the wheel present the chance to significantly boost potential winnings. It’s possible for numerous Multipliers to hit in a row, which can lead to some serious payouts.

The Multipliers

The Multipliers are one of the biggest reasons why players opt to choose Dream Catcher over other live wheel spinning games. Land on either the 2x or 7x Multiplier, and this will be applied to your chosen number for the next round. As an example, say you have bet $10 on number 5 (5x). If the 7x Multiplier hits and the number 5 lands on the next spin, this will result in $10 x 5 x 7 = $350. However, there’s the potential for more than one multiplier to hit in a row. Taking the above example, now say another 7x multiplier hits after the first one, then the number 5 lands on the third spin. This results in $10 x 5 x 7 x 7 = $2,450.

The Presenters

Some will say the presenters are the stars of the game. They’re known for their lively, bubbly, and entertaining personas, which helps keep excitement levels up. You can also chat with the presenters. Whether you require clarification about a certain rule or want to talk up your latest win, send them a message and wait for their response.

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See if the wheel will land in your favour by playing Dream Catcher at Lottomart Games now! For any new customers, make the first deposit, and we’ll reward you with a deposit match to the value of $1200. (T&Cs Apply. 18+ Only. Please gamble responsibly.)

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