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What Is Lotto Betting?

At Lottomart Games, we offer you the chance to bet on lotteries from all over the world, with tens of millions of dollars in jackpots available every week. When you put that alongside the huge hourly and daily jackpots on offer on our amazing range of slot games and the humongous prizes available around the clock on our exclusive scratchcards, that means we're your one stop shop for the biggest jackpots in town! But what does lottery betting mean and how does it differ from buying a ticket for a draw in the old, traditional way?

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Bet on your favorite lotteries Worldwide

Lotto betting works by placing a bet on the outcome of one of many official lottery draws which take place daily all over the world. In short, you're betting that you can successfully guess which winning numbers are going to be drawn when the balls come out.

You choose your favourite numbers just as you always have when buying a lotto ticket - that might be your house number, a family member's birthday or the squad number of your favorite sports star - and if you can correctly match the required number of balls, you'll win a cash payout! Pretty simple!

How does lotto betting differ from buying a lotto ticket online?

When it comes to the format of the games - you won't notice a difference when lotto betting. The structure of how you choose your numbers and how the prizes are calculated are very similar (game structures vary from lotto to lotto). You'll also find that the jackpot amounts are almost always identical to the prizes available on the official draw. However, it is important to know that you are not buying a ticket in the official lottery draw.

When playing lotto at Lottomart Games, if you're lucky enough to match all the numbers in, for example, the Irish Lotto - then Lottomart Games would be paying you out the full lump sum, not the official lottery provider.

How does Lottomart Games afford to pay out lottery jackpots?

When the lottery jackpots on offer at Lottomart games can run into the hundreds of millions, it's only fair to ask whether your winnings will be correctly paid out. The answer to this question, is of course, yes! Smaller prizes won on the lotteries we offer the opportunity to bet on - say matching 3 numbers correctly on the Mega Millions - are paid out from the revenues generated on sales we make. The bigger jackpots - let's say you correctly guess all 6 numbers on the Irish lotto and scoop the minimum prize of €2m - are covered by us insuring against these larger payouts. This means that when you're selecting your lucky numbers, or even just hitting quick pick, you can do it in the confidence that you'll be paid out every time, whether your payout is a nice little boost to the week, or a more substantial payout.

Are the prizes on offer the same?

When you're playing at Lottomart Games, the prizes available for the major draws will match that of the official lottery providers and in some instances we even create our own special boosted jackpots so you win an even bigger payout! That means that when you win a prize, whether it's big or small, the payout will be at least as good as you'd have got if you bought a ticket for the lottery at your local shop.

So, if you've seen that the US Powerball jackpot has reached a payout of US$250m and you want a chance to win that mind-blowing prize, then you can place your bet with us quickly and easily online, from the comfort of your own home. And if you're the only person who manages to correctly match all 5 numbers, plus the powerball… well then you're walking away with the full jackpot payout - paid to you by Lottomart Games.

What are the benefits of betting on lotteries vs. buying a ticket?

One of the main benefits of betting on a lottery with Lottomart Games, as opposed to buying a physical ticket is convenience. We've built our whole experience around making the process of choosing your numbers, selecting the number of draws you want to bet on and making sure you're on, as quick and as easy as possible.

If you've got home from work late and thought you'd missed the chance to get involved in the big Friday night draw, then fear not - we're here for you. When you're betting on the lottery with us, everything has been built and designed for a seamless online experience so our international players can quickly place the bet you're after and then maybe explore some of the other great games entertainment we have on offer across the site.

The other key difference of lotto betting with Lottomart Games is that as we're an independent operator, we have the flexibility to offer loads of unique benefits which you wouldn't get when buying your ticket with the official provider. Whether that's free bets earnt via our exclusive loyalty programme diamonds, special offers such as extra lines for your money or enhanced jackpots where the maximum prize exceeds that of the official provider, these added extras that give you even more chances of hitting the big one would only be available if you're playing here.

We've even created our own 'Boost' feature which is exclusive to Lottomart Games. Boost gives our international customers even more chances to scoop the biggest prizes…

What is Boost at Lottomart Games?

Boost is an exclusive feature developed here at Lottomart Games. It works by letting you increase your chances of winning a prize in any of our lotto draws by multiplying the number of line bets you have in a draw by as many as 32 times. In exchange for increasing your chances of winning a payout by 32x, the value of the prizes reduce in proportion.

So how does that work in practice?

Let's say you've seen that the jackpot for the Europe Millions (our lotto based on the EuroMillions) has reached US$64m and you'd like a piece of the action. At Lottomart Games you can take your chances simply and easily online.

By boosting your bet, we offer you the chance to increase your line bets from 1, all the way up to 32, which means that rather than having 1 line with a chance of winning US$64m, you now have 32 line bets in with a chance of winning US$2m. Congratulations, you've just boosted your chances of becoming a millionaire 32x and all still for the same price as one line! Sounds like a shrewd move to me.

If you'd like to know more about our exclusive boost feature, please visit the dedicated Boost section in our support pages, or have a play around with the easy to use boost feature when placing your lottery bet.

What lotteries can I play worldwide?

The beauty of betting on lotteries at Lottomart Games is the choice we offer from all around the world. Whether it's access to the biggest jackpots from the States you're after or you want a lottery which will settle within minutes, our great range of lottery betting options has you covered:

  • Great British Lotto - If you love the UK lotto, then this is the one for you. Drawn every Saturday and Wednesday with the six ball format you're familiar with.
  • Europe Millions - This is our lotto betting game that gives you everything you love about EuroMillions. Drawn on Tuesdays and Fridays, make sure you keep your eyes out for our regular special offers on this, our most popular draw.
  • Irish Lotto - Drawn on Wednesday and Saturday each week in Dublin, the Irish Lotto has been a firm favourite of lottery betters for years and with minimum prizes of €2m on offer each time, we can see why!
  • Eurojackpot - this game lets you bet on the outcome of the official Eurojackpot which is drawn each Friday evening and sees a jaw-dropping minimum prize of €10m every time.
  • US Powerball - They do things big in America and the US Powerball is no different! With prizes which can grow into the hundreds of millions, betting on the outcome of the US multi-state lottery each Wednesday and Saturday could lead to some eye-watering wins.
  • Cash4Life - Do you like the idea of winning US$1k, every day, for the rest of your life? Of course you do! Well betting on Cash4Life offers exactly that if you can match 5 numbers plus the cash ball in this daily draw.
  • Mini Lotto, Quick Lotto & Quick Lotto Plus - Don't like the idea of waiting around for the draw you've bet on to settle? Well these are the games for you. With draws going on as often as every 4-minutes on these lottery, there's no need to wait around to find out if you've won.

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