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Online Roulette Guide at Lottomart UK

When you think about the most recognizable online casino games, roulette will immediately spring to mind. Even though this historic game dates back to the 1700s, it hasn't lost any momentum. In fact it’s only become more popular since the rise of online casinos, where traditional roulette games sit side-by-side with innovative takes on this French classic.

Why is roulette still so fashionable? Why do plenty of people opt to play this game instead of online slots or blackjack? Well, there are a number of reasons that explain roulette's popularity. Its accessibility and easy-to-learn nature means that anyone can jump into the action. As you wait for the ball to stop on a number, excitement levels only continue to build with every revolution of the wheel.

If you're a beginner to online roulette and not sure where to start, this guide is here to help. We spotlight the types of online roulette games at Lottomart, as well as how to get started with this timeless classic.

Types of Online Roulette Games

You may believe there's only one type of roulette game, but that's not the case. Check out the wide selection of roulette games featured on Lottomart. We know our players have specific tastes, and we cater to them by ensuring we have a diverse selection of titles available – and this extends to types of online roulette games.

European Roulette

For the traditional roulette experience, you should head to our European Roulette table. This game is authentic in every area, with all of the betting options and actions you'd expect. The only difference between this table and one you'd find in a physical casino is that RNG determines the result rather than physics.

If you'd like a change of scenery with slick, eye-catching design, Sapphire Roulette is an alternative table that also uses European roulette rules.

American Roulette

Wait, there's a different version of roulette over in America? It might not seem true, but it's actually the case! You may not have noticed American Roulette because the main change is only a subtle one. Rather than having one green pocket/zero like its European counterpart, an American roulette wheel has two: 0 and 00.

Lightning Roulette

Experience a roulette revolution with Lightning Roulette. Not only does it speed up the action, but this thrilling title has a significant extra which supplies a unique playing experience. During each round, up to five Lucky Numbers are selected – well, struck by lightning – and these give multiplied payouts that sit between 50x and 500x.

If you're searching for a way to hit a relative jackpot in roulette, look no further than Lightning Roulette.

Lightning Roulette Live

If playing with the computer fails to pique your interest, don't worry – there's also Lightning Roulette Live! As the name implies, this is a live adaptation of the hugely popular Lightning Roulette. The live experience takes the action to the next level with a real-life croupier and game show-style environment. It's also an ideal option for those who want to sample roulette's social side without needing to leave their home.

Immersive Roulette Live

Another live option, no other title quite manages to immerse you within the game like Immersive Roulette Live. While the game doesn't throw in any extra features like Lightning Roulette, it does capture the action with multiple camera angles and replays in slow motion. Living up to its name, Immersive Roulette Live places you right in the heart of the action.

How to Play Online Roulette

Ultimately, roulette is a game of chance. While you can apply strategies, it is a luck-based game that is down to RNG or physics. With that said, it's still recommended you have a firm understanding of how to play online roulette – and that includes learning about the different selections and odds available.

Here are the standard bet options available when playing online European roulette:

  • Red or Black: Select whether the ball will land on red or black. Odds: 1:1.
  • Odd or Even: Pick if the number will be odd or even. Odds: 1:1.
  • High or Low: If the number falls between 1-18, it is considered low. If it's 19-36, it is high. Odds: 1:1.
  • Single number: Pick a single number the roulette ball will land on for the best odds in standard roulette. Odds: 35:1.
  • Dozens: The 36 numbers are separated into dozens – 1-12, 13-24, and 25-36. Correctly predict the right dozen the ball will fall in to win. Odds: 2:1.
  • Split: Rather than back a single number, you place your chips on two adjacent numbers. This doubles the chances of the ball landing on your selection. Odds: 17:1.
  • Street: Similar to Split, you can bet on three successive numbers that feature on the same line. Odds: 11:1.
  • Corner: If you decide to bet on one of the corners, you select the four numbers that are joined together in a said corner. Odds: 8:1.

There is no predicting where the ball will end up but hedging your bets – and opting for a safer option like Dozens or Corner – can give you better odds than betting on a single number. However, nobody can predict what will happen when your lucky number is in play!

At Lottomart, you can play all of our online roulette games via any applicable device. That means whether it is a laptop or a smartphone, all games function as they should as long as you have a stable internet connection, allowing you to take the fun with you anywhere you go.

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