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Mega Wheel Live

Mega Wheel Live gives you the opportunity to experience the excitement of every spin, every stop, and every aspect of the show… live! You get to participate in an immersive, unique game that makes you feel like you are part of a classic TV gameshow. The action is led by specially trained presenters, and the aim of the game is to correctly predict the right segment once the Mega Wheel finishes spinning. The excitement is further accelerated by the Mega Lucky Number, which has the potential to supply a players’ winnings with a massive 500x boost.

Mega Wheel Live Game Details

RTP (Return to Player):
Min / Max Bet:
$0.20 / $50.00
Hit Rate:
1 in 0.0
Auto Play:
Diamonds per $:
Min. 0
Features Game Show, Multiplayer, Multipliers, Side Bets, Tableau / Stats, Wheel Game

American Roulette Online Game Overview

Mega Wheel Live is one of the simplest titles you will find on Lottomart Games. The Mega Wheel comprises 54 segments in total. These segments represent a certain number – 1, 2, 5, 7, 10, 20, 30, or 40 – and each of these numbers is highlighted by a specific color. The aim of the game is to pick the number shown by the Mega Wheel once it stops spinning. The number selected also equals the payout multiplier provided. For example, if you bet $10 on number 20 and the wheel lands on this number, you will win $200. Due to this, the lower the number, the more prevalent it is on the wheel. Here’s how the 54 segments are split across the 9 numbers:

  • Number 1 = 20 segments
  • Number 2 = 13 segments
  • Number 5 = 7 segments
  • Number 8 = 4 segments
  • Number 10 = 4 segments
  • Number 15 = 2 segments
  • Number 20 = 2 segments
  • Number 30 = 1 segment
  • Number 40 = 1 segment
Mega Wheel Live is played in real-time, which means you have to place your bets before the cut-off period for each game. Professional anchors keep you informed and supply the game with an entertaining, vibrant atmosphere.

Highlights of the game

  • Live Action – The real-time gameplay supplies an immersive experience. This is further enhanced by being able to chat with the game’s presenters and other players. li>
  • Instant Gameplay – The actions are fast and furious. There’s only a 15-second window for betting, so make sure you get your selections in before the wheel is spun!
  • Easy to Play – Casino games don’t get much easier than Mega Wheel Live. Simply pick the number – or numbers – you want and see if the wheel lands on your selection. That’s all there is to it.

The Multipliers

In each round, a number on the wheel is assigned as the Mega Lucky Number. This is done with an RNG engine, which means it is completely randomized as to which number is multiplied. The biggest possible multiplier is a whopping 500x, although this is dependent on the selected number.

  • Number 1 = multiplier up to 100x
  • Number 2 = multiplier up to 200x
  • Numbers 5, 8, and 10 = multipliers up to 250x
  • Numbers 15, 20, 30 and 40 = multipliers up to 500x

The Presenters

The live presenters help to take Mega Wheel Live to the next level. They keep the action rolling – or spinning – at all times. They’re also available to chat with players!

Betting Options

Bet on All is a feature of Mega Wheel Live. This option means you place a bet on all 9 numbers in a single move. Covering all bases might not seem that wise, but it can end up being a smart option if those higher numbers start landing. You will also see the Advanced Bets Validation option. This provides you with in-depth tracking of your previous bets. By analyzing this information, you may decide to change your strategy for a better chance of success.

Play Mega Wheel Live at Lottomart Games

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