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Blackjack Strategies at Lottomart UK

The simple nature of blackjack helps explain why it is one of the most legendary, timeless casino classics. Yet even though its accessibility means players of all backgrounds are capable of beating the house, it makes sense to go into the game with a few blackjack strategies under your belt.

Blackjack is already one of the fairest casino games in terms of the return to player (RTP), and having a well-crafted plan in place will only further increase your chances of winning.

At Lottomart Games, we want you to have the best chance of succeeding. This is why we have listed below a number of key blackjack strategies that will take your game to the next level!

Get a firm grasp of the basics

Now, if you’re reading this guide, it’s likely you understand the general concept of playing blackjack. You’ll know you have to better the dealer’s hand, and this is achieved by scoring a better numerical value that doesn’t exceed 21. You’ll also know how to hit and stand.

What you might not realise, however, is how certain other functions work – such as insurance, splitting your hand, and doubling down.

Before you dive into a game of blackjack with real money at stake, ensure you have a firm grasp of all the basics. This knowledge prevents you from second-guessing your moves, along with supplying the foundation required to make the right decisions when playing.

Understand the table

If you search through the selection of titles at Lottomart Games, you’ll see that we have various blackjack options available. It’s important you take the time to understand each game and see which one best matches your requirements and playstyle. For instance, there are rule differences between American Blackjack and European Blackjack – even though the base game is effectively the same.

Also, remember the higher the RTP, the better the odds in your favour. As a result, keep an eye out for blackjack games that are as close to 100% RTP as possible.

Don’t be a hasty hitter

As you know, the ultimate objective in blackjack is to hit 21. As a result, when your initial two cards total a paltry 12 or 13 instead, it’s likely your natural instinct is to take another card. Well, any experienced player would tell you this is an elementary mistake.

Admittedly, there are situations where you will want to take a hit or two. Yet you need to be crafty in your decision-making and carefully consider the dealer’s face card. Why? Because if their initial two-card hand totals 16 or under, they must take another card. They’re not allowed to stand – even if they’ve surpassed your hand.

This means if the dealer’s face card is either 4, 5, or 6, and you assume their facedown card will be a ten, they’re obliged to take another card. This creates the real possibility of them busting, giving your seemingly weak 12 or 13 hand the victory. This won’t work all the time, of course, but it increases your chances of winning overall.

Double down with 11

Unless you land 21, arguably the best total you can achieve with your initial two cards is 11. You effectively have a free shot where you can take a card without any repercussions. There’s also the distinct possibility of getting a card valued 10, which means you end up with 21. Even a 7, 8, or 9 will give you a strong hand.

This is why it makes sense to double down, aka doubling your bed, with 11. There’s a great chance you will walk away with the victory. Although, there is one situation where you want to avoid the double down: when the dealer’s face card is an ace.

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