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Can I Play Blackjack Online Internationally?

The challenge of taking on the croupier at a game of 21 has been keeping fans of casino games entertained since 1700 and if you're one of the many thrilled by the classic French game of skill and chance, then Lottomart Games has an amazing range of blackjack options for you worldwide. Our classic RNG version offers you the option to play at up to 5 seats at one time and is designed to be just as easy to play on your smartphone or on your desktop or tablet.

There's also the hugely popular live dealer online casino blackjack game - 'Infinite Blackjack' from Evolution - where innovative side bet options are added to the already engaging game, so you can enjoy more ways to win against one of our glamorous croupiers.

An introduction to online blackjack

You may have heard blackjack described as 21 and the reason for that is pretty simple… the aim of the game is to make a total 21 from the cards you're dealt by the dealer. You won't always hit 21 exactly and the great thing about playing online blackjack is that you don't actually need to do so to win. You're playing in competition with the dealer, so you can end up with a hand that totals much lower than 21 and still win, as long as the dealer ends up with a worse total than you, or goes 'bust' chasing 21. The specifics may vary dependent on which version of online blackjack you're playing, but in general, they follow a fairly set process:

  • The game kicks off with you deciding how much you'd like to stake, which needs to be at or above the minimum tale stake limit and below the maximum amount. The minimum and maximum bet amounts are clearly stated on each game page so you know what the limits are before you take your seat at the table.
  • You are then dealt two cards, face up by the dealer.
  • The dealer also receives two cards, however, only one of their cards is dealt face up with suit and card value visible.
  • You then have a number of options available to you:
    • 'Hit' - have another card dealt, which will be added to your total.
    • 'Double down' - the dealer deals you an extra card and you double your stake.
    • 'Split' - If you have a pair (e.g. 2 x Aces) you have the option to split your cards into two separate hands by doubling your original bet.
    • 'Stand' - Refuse the option for any additional cards to be dealt and settle on your current hand.
  • The options above continue to be offered until you either choose to 'stand' or you go bust. (The total value of all the cards in your hand exceeds 21)
  • If you go 'bust', you lose your stake, but if you stand at a total of 21 or lower, then your hand remains in play to compete against the dealer's.
  • Once your turn is completed, attention then turns to the dealer's cards. The rules of blackjack will dictate that the dealer must continue to 'hit' (take additional cards) until their total reaches 17 or higher.
  • Once again, the dealer can take multiple additional cards, but will eventually lead to two outcomes:
    • 'Stand' - they settle on a total of 17 or more
    • 'Bust' - their total exceeds 21
  • At this point, if both hands remain in play the totals are compared and the outcome of the round is settled:
    • You Win - your total is closer to 21 than the dealer, but not exceeding 21.
    • House Wins - the dealer's total is closer to 21 than the dealer, but not exceeding 21.
    • 'Push' - Both totals are the same and the player receives their stake back.
  • If at any time the dealer goes 'bust' (their total exceeds 21) while your hand remains in play, then you win.
  • If at any time your hand goes 'bust', then the dealer wins.

There are some additional variations dependent on what version of online blackjack you're playing around the world, but that's the basic rules of the game to get you going!

What Are The Value of Each Card in Online Blackjack?

There's nothing too complicated about totaling the value of your hand when international players are playing online blackjack at Lottomart Games. Each card has a numeric value that is very easy to follow, with the exception of the Ace, which you can select either the high or low value for.

All cards from two through to ten are worth their numeric value. E.g. A seven is worth 7 points. Jacks, Queens and Kings of all suits are all worth 10 and the Ace can either be taken as 1 or 11.

So, if you're dealt a jack of diamonds and a four of clubs, your hand total is fourteen: Jack (10) + Four (4) = 14.

If you are then dealt an Ace of Spades, you have the option to take this as a low or high value (One or Eleven). In this instance, you would opt for the low value, as 11 (the high ace value) plus the total from your originally dealt cards (14) would exceed 21 and you would go bust. Therefore your new hand total would be Jack (10) + Four (4) + Ace (1) = 15.

Your job is to keep track of your total and decide whether it is in your best interests to take a further card and risk going bust or add another card to your total and hopefully take you to 21!

What Are Online Blackjack Odds?

There are plenty of reasons international customers love playing blackjack online, but one of the main ones is the fact it offers you a close to 50/50 chance of beating the dealer if you can make the right calls at the right times. In most variants of online blackjack available around the world, the house edge is around 0.5% and the combination of skill and hugely competitive odds vs. alternate casino games is what makes it so popular after all these years.

What Are The Benefits of Live Online Blackjack?

Our international customers at Lottomart Games can't get enough of our live dealer option 'Infinite Blackjack' as it offers the opportunity to bring the physical casino experience to their home or to a mobile while out and about.

This version of the iconic online casino game lets you take one seat at a table and engage in battle against one of the witty and glamorous live dealers, streamed via HD video. The live chat feature allows you to interact with the dealer and can be a really useful way to get some advice to guide you through the game, or alternatively, it's a brilliant way to enjoy a win with the rest of the table when the dealer goes bust!

Infinite Blackjack is one of the great range of live games on offer from Evolution Gaming to worldwide players and just like their other live dealer games, they've added some unique features to allow you more ways to win. In their blackjack version, there are 4 additional side bet options to choose from:

  • 'Hot 3' - Pays if your first two cards dealt, plus the dealer's upturned card equal 19, 20, or 21.
  • 'Three of a Kind' - You get paid if the first three cards form a flush, straight, or a three of a kind.
  • 'Any pair' - Pays you out if your first two cards are a pair of any kind
  • 'Bust it' - Pays out if the dealer goes bust

Play Online Blackjack Internationally at Lottomart Games

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