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Online Roulette Strategies at Lottomart

Casino games don’t come any more iconic than roulette. Even though it has existed for hundreds of years, roulette has never been more popular due to online casinos. This setting also means you have the opportunity to maximize your chances of winning with online roulette strategies.

At its heart, roulette is a straightforward game where success can be achieved by players of all skill levels and backgrounds. Yet by incorporating a number of proven tactics and tips into your betting repertoire, you can reduce the house edge and push the odds closer in your favor!

Boost the RTP with European rules

The return to player (RTP) is an important component of any casino game. Simply put, the higher the RTP percentage, the fairer the game from your point of view. There will always be an edge to the house, but a percentage in the high 90’s pushes it close to a 50/50 gamble.

One way to increase the RTP in your favor is to pick a roulette game with European rules rather than its American counterpart. For instance, our American Roulette game comes with an RTP of 94.74%. European Roulette, however, sees an almost 3% increase with a 97.30% RTP.

This difference is due an American roulette wheel containing 38 numbers, whereas a European wheel only has 37 numbers. The difference between the two can seem minuscule, but it can make a significant difference overall.

Know the odds for roulette selections

With so many different selections available when playing online roulette, it makes sense to understand the odds when placing your bets. You’ll likely already know the payout for certain bets. For instance, a bet on red or black has even odds (1:1), while a bet on a single number is 35:1. However, these payout rates don’t necessarily correlate with the odds of them landing.

For European roulette, here are the odds of certain popular selections landing:

  • Even bet (black/red, odd/even, 1-18/19-36): 48.60%
  • Column bet: 32.40%
  • Dozen bet: 32.40%
  • Double street bet: 16.22%
  • Corner bet: 10.81%
  • Street bet: 8.11%
  • Split bet: 5.51%
  • Single number: 2.70%

These percentages help demonstrate the house advantage in play. They also show the difficulty in landing a single number compared to something like an even bet.

Different betting options    

Extending on from the previous point, you may wish to stick to outside bets. Outside bets typically refer to bets that, should they win, result in a lower multiple of your wager. These outside bets include even bets, where £10 on black (1:1) would lead to a £20 return – including your initial stake – if it won.

Inside bets, on the other hand, are those which tend to supply larger wins if they land. An example of an inside bet is wagering on a single number. If you bet £10 on the number 15 (35:1) and that’s what the ball landed on, you would receive £360 in total. This greater potential reward is the main reason why many go with inside bets.

Nevertheless, sometimes it’s best to look beyond the short-term reward. While a 35x multiplier on your bet obviously sounds nice on the surface, there’s less than a 3% chance it will land. With outside bets, the odds of winning are much better in your favor. Pick the betting patterns that suit your playstyle.      

Of course, don’t let this deter you from heading to the roulette table if you simply want to place a couple bets on your lucky number!

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