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Live Casino Games Guide at Lottomart

Ever since they first came into existence, online casinos have provided a fun and convenient way for people to play their favorite table games and slots. Yet when matched up against the real-life casino experience, the online alternative was lacking in one significant area: social interaction. Standard online casino games can feel isolating compared to their land-based counterpart for those who enjoy talking to the croupier and other players.

Then the entire online environment was revolutionized once live casino games were introduced.

Rather than a random number generator (RNG) controlling the action, live games see a real-life dealer or presenter taking charge. Cameras capture all the activity of the table, allowing you to watch, feel, and interact in the same way you would at a land-based casino. It creates a more captivating and authentic experience, and these points help explain why live games have taken the online casino world by storm.

Whether you’re a newcomer or an experienced online casino player, live games can be something of a mystery. For your convenience, this guide will provide an insight into this rapidly growing sector, including the type of live casino games you can play at Lottomart and how to play successfully.

Types of Live Casino Games

Lottomart has made a committed effort to offer the best live casino games around right now. Not only that, but we also provide a diverse selection of live games to match all tastes. Here’s a quick look at the types of live casino games on offer.

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Live classic table games

No casino is complete without the inclusion of blackjack and roulette. This is why these two timeless classics are a focal point of our live casino game offering.

Infinite Blackjack is a traditional yet innovative take on the classic card game. No matter how many players are at the table, each participant is dealt the same initial hand. Then it’s a case of each player deciding how to play their cards in an effort to best the dealer’s hand. Add in exciting new side bets, and this take on blackjack helps to spice up the action.

Lightning Roulette Live takes the classic European roulette game and adds further thrills when the lightning strikes. It could result in a supercharged 500x multiplier for your bet if it hits your number! For something a little more traditional, Immersive Roulette delivers an authentic roulette experience, to the point you’d think you were sitting in a real casino.

Live dice games

With a combination of simplicity and excitement, it’s no surprise that dice games are among the most popular options at live online casinos. This is why we currently offer two of the best live dice games around: Super Sic Bo and Lightning Dice.

Sic Bo is one of Asia’s most popular casino games. Simply predict the dice combination you think will appear, place your bet, and wait to see what will happen once the dice are rolled. Lightning Dice is similarly easy to pick up and play, where you bet on the total sum you think will be produced once the three six-sided are rolled. Random multipliers that can go as high as 1000x further ramp up the fun in Lightning Dice.

Branded live games

Have you ever dreamt of being the contestant in the classic game show Deal or No Deal? Well, now you can be placed right in the middle of the action in Deal or No Deal Live, a game that receives a fun casino twist while you try and scoop the top prize. If you advance past the qualifying wheel round, you will be up against The Banker in a battle of wits. Will you strike a deal as the nerves kick in? Or are you confident in your box containing a lucrative cash prize?

Another branded game featured at Lottomart is MONOPOLY Live. Bringing the classic board game to life, this game sees you start by spinning the wheel for your chance at exciting prizes. If you advance to the bonus round, you are guided around the famous Monopoly board by Rich Uncle Pennybags himself. If your roll of the dice is successful, you could multiply your payout!

How to Play Live Casino Games

Compared to RNG games, live casino games have a number of gameplay differences – and it’s important you’re aware of these before you jump into the action. For instance, games are played in real-time. This means, unlike some RNG titles where you can take your time making a selection, there is generally a time restriction on live casino games. Keep this in mind, so you don’t end up with a default selection or miss your turn.

Of course, the biggest difference with playing live games is the real-life dealer that is leading the action. You can also use this to your advantage. Say you need some clarification on the rules for a game, or you’re unsure how certain bonus features work. Instead of searching for an answer, simply pop into the live chat and ask the dealer! They will be happy to assist in whatever way if it means you have a more enriching gaming experience.

While the live video and chat functions introduce a different element to proceedings, the games generally function similarly to traditional online casino games. You will press a button to ‘hit’ or ‘stand’ in blackjack. You will select your favorite number in roulette. You’ll pick the dice combination you think will come up before the dice are rolled. The main difference is everything is real rather than computer-generated. You are dealt real cards. The roulette wheel and ball are real. This all helps to create a more natural gameplay experience.

At Lottomart, one big advantage is that all of our live casino games can be played on mobile devices. You can enjoy the thrills of the casino anywhere and anytime. Rather than going out of your way to visit a physical casino, let us bring the experience to you with a wide range of authentic, exciting live games.

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