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Live Casino Odds at Lottomart

Ranging from added immersion to greater interactivity, there are numerous reasons why live casino games continue to skyrocket in popularity. However, are live casino odds different to other online casino games? With the added resources required to run live games, do casinos have to compensate for this by supplying lower odds to players?

Below we’ll take a closer look at live casino odds and answer these questions. The good news: the odds for live games, at least those featured on Lottomart Games, are not significantly different to any of their standard online casino games!

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Live roulette odds

This timeless classic is represented well with our selection of live roulette games. As for live roulette odds, you generally won’t find anything different here from any other standard online or land-based roulette table.

For example, Immersive Roulette Live sticks with a traditional European wheel. The return to player (RTP) is a typical 97.30% as a result, and you have the same chances of landing a specific selection as you would playing on a normal online European roulette table.

For instance, if you want to place a bet on red or black, there’s a 48.60% chance it will land with 1:1 odds paid if it does. If you want to push the boat out and go with a single number, the odds are 35:1 with a 2.70% chance of happening on a single spin.

Live blackjack odds

Our live blackjack offering is represented by the acclaimed Infinite Blackjack Live. The game of blackjack is known as one of the fairest with the lowest house edge, and that’s no different with this title and its live blackjack odds.

The RTP for Infinite Blackjack Live is a high 99.47%. This means there’s, in essence, a 50/50 chance of winning a single hand against the house. Yes, there’s a miniscule edge to the house, but this can be lowered even further if you use the right blackjack strategy.

Live Sic Bo odds

At Lottomart Games, we currently feature two Sic Bo-themed live casino games. These are Mega Sic Bo Live and Super Sic Bo Live. Their RTP rates are 95.47% and 97.22% respectively. These games throw in exciting features such as multipliers, but they remain faithful to the traditional gameplay – and odds – of Sic Bo.

There’s a wide range of betting options to pick from with Sic Bo. These include an assortment of even odds (1:1) bets, which include going for an odd or even number for the total score or opting for the score to be “Big” or “Small”. Yet there are selections with much bigger odds for those who fancy a larger gamble. This includes going for “Any Triple”, where the 30:1 odds land if a triple shows up once the dice stop rolling, and “Specific Triple”, where you need to select a specific number to appear on all three dice for odds of 180:1.

Other live casino games odds

As you would expect, there are wildly varying odds for the different live casino games available. With that said, many of the live casino titles found at Lottomart Games have a RTP that goes beyond 95%. Of course, the odds of winning with certain selections cannot be accurately quantified by their RTP rate.

Two of our most popular live casino games are Deal or No Deal Live and MONOPOLY Live. These licensed titles have an RTP of 95.42% and 96.23% respectively. While these are not the highest returns you’ll find at our online casino, they do present the opportunity to win bumper cash prizes.

Another favorite live casino title is Crazy Time Live. The format of the game is simple: a giant wheel is spun, you bet on the segment you think the flapper will stop on, and you hope it lands on your selection! The odds of winning in Crazy Time Live vary depending on the segment you select.

If you pick 1, for example, this selection takes up 21 segments (out of 54) on the wheel in total. There’s a 38.88% chance the wheel stops on 1, with the payout being 1:1. The chances of landing on this is significantly lower than, say, picking red or black on a roulette wheel, even though the payout rate is the same. However, there are other enticing selections available if you prefer to go for a bigger gamble. For instance, there’s over a 15% chance in total the wheel will land on one of the exciting bonus rounds: Coin Flip (7.4% chance), Pachinko (3.7% chance), Cash Hunt (3.7% chance), and Crazy Time (1.85% chance).

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