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World-Exclusive scratchcards at Lottomart Games

At Lottomart Games we go out of our way to make sure you have all the best jackpots available under one roof and that's why we've created our own world-exclusive range of scratchcards so there's always huge prizes, instantly available and just one scratch away!

Global Scratchcard prizes of up to US$150,000

There are instant prizes ranging from US$1,000 all the way up to US$150,000 at Lottomart Games and you can get involved in the fun from as little as US$0.10 per card. Cleoscratcha offers you the chance of a huge US$150k if you reveal Cleopatra's secrets, match the winning symbols and hit the multipliers, while our most popular lottery scratch card - Europe Millions Scratch - offers the perfect accompaniment to your lotto ticket and the chance to take home US$100,000 too!

Fun Scratch themes for every taste

Have you got your eyes on the leprechaun's pot of gold? Well Rainbow Scratches is the card for you, with US$150k on offer and the opportunity to win up to 4 times on every card! Or is it a holiday of a lifetime you're dreaming of? Well why not give our hugely popular Alpine and Tropical Escape scratchards a go, from just US$0.50 a card you're in with a shot of winning up to US$20k to put towards that getaway you've always wanted, hot or cold! International players can also enjoy an exclusive range of Cash Factor cards with prizes ranging from US$1k all the way up to a cool US$100k, so there really is something for everyone at Lottomart Games.

How do online scratchcards work?

Online scratchcards are really no different to playing scratch cards on physical cards you may already be familiar with. The only difference here is that you won't be struggling to find a coin before you can reveal the symbols and see if you've hit the big prize!

Game rules do vary slightly from card to card, but each of our exclusive instant games has a breakdown of the rules, prizes and even a handy preview available on the scratch ticket page so you know exactly what you're looking for before you start scratching away for the jackpot.

In the case of our popular range of Cash Factor cards, you start by scratching coating away on the game area to reveal the symbols underneath. To do this, all you need to do is press, hold and swipe away on your screen and if you match 3 symbols then you've won a PRIZE! That could be 3 coin symbols winning your US$0.50 stake back, or 3 pots of gold and the top prize of up to US$100k!

Play Scratchcards on your mobile device Worldwide

All our great scratchcards have been specifically built to be enjoyed on your mobile device, so there's no longer any need to have to go to your local store to buy a physical card or fire up the desktop to have your bit of fun.

To reveal the symbols, all you need to do is swipe away the coating on your touchscreen, but if that even feels like too much effort, then don't you worry… we've even developed an auto scratch function so we can take care of all the hard work there too.

Why buy online scratchcards at Lottomart Games?

Exclusive cards, massive jackpot prizes available every day and a great range of instant games, that's why! Still not convinced? Well we also create some great scratchcard bundles so there's always amazing value deals for our players to scratch their itch! Get our favourite mix of cards with packs starting of over 70 cards starting from US$20 at a great discount price.

Lottomart Games range of massive jackpots doesn't just end with scratchcards either. We also have hundreds of online slots available with jackpot prizes running into the millions always there to provide some great entertainment and with the chance to buy lotto tickets for draws from all over the world, there's no better place to go hunting for those big prizes than Lottomart Games!

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