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Cleoscratcha Scratchcard

Cleoscratcha Cover Image

Reveal Cleopatra’s secret & win up to $150,000! Only $3 per card.

Cleoscratcha Preview

Cleoscratcha Preview Image

Cleoscratcha Rules


  • 1 in 3 chance of winning a prize per card
  • GBP/EUR/USD/CAD 150,000.00 top prize per card
  • GBP/EUR/USD/CAD 3.00 price per card
  • Price & prize currency matches your account's currency
  • 71.00% payout (also known as return to player)
  • Match any of your symbols to winning symbols to win PRIZE
  • 2x, 5x, and 10x multipliers multiply all your winning prizes
  • Win up to 4 times per card

How to play and win

You must reveal all symbols by scratching the coating to see all winning combinations.

To scratch manually:

  • Scratch the game area by pressing, holding, and swiping until the coating has been removed and all symbols can be seen.
  • Shake your device or press reveal all to clear the coating and show all symbols.

To scratch automatically:

  • Set auto scratch switch to on.
  • Press start to initiate auto scratching.
  • Each remaining card will auto reveal, show results, and advance to the next card until stopped, the cards run out, or you hit a big win.
  • Hit stop at any time to prevent advancing to the next card after the current card completes.

To win:

Each time you match one of the symbols in YOUR SYMBOLS to one of the symbols in WINNING SYMBOLS, you win the PRIZE value shown immediately below the matching symbols.

If there is a 2x, 5x, 10x multiplier in YOUR SYMBOLS and you have one or more winning matches, all winning prizes will be multiplied by the multiplier amount (2 times for 2x, 5 times for 5x, and 10 times for 10x).

Winning symbols and multipliers (if applicable) will light up in colour when successfully matched. The total win amount, including applied multipliers, is shown at the top of the card when the coating has been completely removed.

The order in which you scratch does not matter, but symbol matches and corresponding prizes must be completely visible before they will light up in colour to indicate a win.


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