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Online Table Games Guide at Lottomart UK

A casino isn’t a casino without table games. If a player isn’t at the slot machines, they will be at the tables rolling dice, taking a ‘hit’ for another card, or hoping their lucky number lands on the roulette wheel. To recreate the real casino experience, Lottomart supplies a wide assortment of table games for you to enjoy.

These table games include blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and Sic Bo – with various versions of each. This diversity helps us stand out as a top online casino destination where everyone can play their favourite variant of the most popular table games.

Are you a newcomer to the world of online table games? This section will act as a helpful starter guide. It highlights the types of online table games, the variations that are available, and how to begin playing these exciting, engaging games.

Types of Online Table Games

We understand that having two or three table games isn’t enough for our players. This is why we have numerous types of online table games. This carefully curated list incorporates fun, rewarding, and diverse titles in terms of playstyle. Whether you want to play an RNG game or against a live dealer, we’ve got you covered!


The most classic casino card game of all, blackjack has made the successful jump to the online world. Not only that, but for decades this game has remained a firm favourite with online casino aficionados. Quick and simple to play, deep beneath the surface, there are several reasons why blackjack continues to thrive.

Due to the game’s popularity, we couldn’t just provide one form of blackjack at Lottomart. We have a classic Blackjack game, European Blackjack, American Blackjack, and Infinite Blackjack Live.

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Infinite Blackjack Live is the most popular casino card game. Everything happens in real-time, with a real dealer that you watch via a live HD stream. Add in some impressive side betting selections, and Infinite Blackjack Live is one of the most captivating, innovative table games you can find.


Another of the most popular table games, roulette, is also well represented at Lottomart. This iconic game knows how to build up anticipation and excitement levels. As the ball spins around and around the wheel, you have only one wish: for it to land on your selection! If you get lucky with the right number in a standard game of online roulette, you can earn a juicy 35/1 on your wager.

We have much more than standard roulette games, though. With exciting variations like Lightning Roulette, you can see payouts become multiplied by 500x. We also have European Roulette, American Roulette, and Immersive Roulette Live – the latter being another of Lottomart’s selection of the best live casino games.

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It’s not just James Bond’s favourite casino game. Baccarat, the go-to table game for casino visitors in Asia, is a simple yet compelling card game you can try at Lottomart. With a minimal edge to the house, this luck-based game might not have the strategy of blackjack, but it does involve the same task: beat the hand that’s held by the dealer.

With Baccarat Deluxe, you can sample this game and see why it is so popular in Asia. This title has multiple game modes. First, try the Traditional mode and get to grips with this game as you try to get closest to nine with your cards, then move on to the exciting Super Six mode.

Sic Bo

Another Asian favourite, Sic Bo is a dice game where you bet on what you expect the dice to display once shaken. There is an assortment of betting options you can choose from, each with specific payout odds.

You can play this fun game of chance with Super Sic Bo Live. This is one of the most authentic ways to play Sic Bo without visiting a physical casino, where you get to watch in real-time to see if the dice match up to your selection.

How to Play Online Table Games

The accessibility of online table games is one of their main benefits. Even with games like blackjack, where strategy can play an important role, you can still understand and enjoy the game as a newcomer. But the more you know, the better your chances of beating the house. This is why we recommend you read our online blackjack guide before jumping in.

The same goes for roulette, which is why we have also created an online roulette guide. The game is easy to jump into, where everyone is capable of betting on their chosen number or colour. But learning about betting options and specific features of roulette variations will equip you with some inside knowledge.

Baccarat and Sic Bo, two of our other most popular table games, are not quite as complex. Once you quickly read the rules, you can get up and running successfully. This is due to the fact these games are chance-based, where there’s little in the way of tactics or strategy involved.

When it comes to actually playing Lottomart’s selection of the best online table games, we’ve made it as easy as possible. Other casinos are desktop-only; Lottomart’s full list of table games is available on mobile devices, fully tested, and 100% capable of delivering the best experience on smartphones and tablets. Wherever you have an internet connection, you can play our online table games.

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