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Instant Casino Odds at Lottomart UK

Instant casino games are fast, furious, and always thrilling. Even though they pack in more action per second than other online casino games, this isn’t to the detriment of instant casino odds.

In fact, many of the instant games found at Lottomart Games meet or exceed the standard 95% return to player (RTP) rate. There are various options available when it comes to instant casino games, ranging from classics such as Crazy Time Live and licensed titles like Deal or No Deal Live.

To get a better idea of instant casino odds and the chances you have of walking away a winner, we take a closer look below at some of our most popular games in this category.

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Dream Catcher Odds

Dream Catcher is a game that perfectly encapsulates why people play instant casino games. The gameplay and rules couldn’t be any simpler, which makes it ideal for those seeking a quick burst of fun and excitement. This aspect also extends to how its odds and payout values work.

Dream Catcher features a spinning wheel with 54 segments. Your objective is to predict which of these segments will be selected once the wheel stops spinning. These segments represent specific numbers/colours, and there are more of certain selections than others – and this is the foundation behind the odds.

For instance, number 1 (yellow) takes up 23 segments in total. This is 42.59% of the game wheel. Landing on number 1 supplies even odds (1:1). While this might not seem representative of the percentage of the wheel taken up by number 1, there are also two segments – the 2x and 7x multipliers – that don’t lead to a loss. These take up 3.70% of the wheel, which reduces the house edge.

If you want to bet on something with higher odds attached, you can bet on the number 10 (green), number 20 (orange), or number 40 (red) options. These take up 4 segments (7.41%), 2 segments (3.70%), and 1 segment (1.85%) respectively. The numbers they represent also reflect their odds. So number 20 has odds of 20:1 for example.

Deal or No Deal Live

For a more multi-layer instant casino game, look no further than Deal or No Deal Live. The action remains simple and fast, but the game heats up if you manage to pass the qualification round and make it to the Deal or No Deal game where bumper prizes await.

The qualification round involves spinning a wheel and aligning the three reels with the gold rings. To increase your chances of qualifying, it’s possible to purchase a set number of gold rings before the spin. If you’re willing to go with 3x your bet for instance, you unlock the “easy” mode and receive one ring. Go for “very easy” mode with 9x your bet, and you gain two gold rings from the start.

Once you’re through to the main game and get to open the 16 briefcases, prizes range from 75x to 500x your wager. There are no specific odds attached to these briefcases. You simply select one and hope it contains the best prize available. As you eliminate briefcases, the dealer will make offers to purchase your briefcase. The amount offered is dependent on what cases are left. If they’re made up of the highest value totals for instance, the dealer’s offer will be a lucrative one.

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live

Not only is it one of the most popular instant titles, but Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live is also a top pick for those seeking a live casino experience. The action is simple, frantic, and interactive, and these elements combine to create a memorable gaming adventure as you search for the treasure.

There are numerous components to Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live. However, in terms of odd and pay rates, the first phase of the game is key. This is where you have to select the stones you wish to find during the game. There are six different stones to choose from – brown, orange, purple, green, blue, and red – and they each have varying odds.

For example, brown is the most common stone as it appears 27 times. This means there’s a 38.5% chance of finding the brown stone, and this pays 1:1. On the opposite end of the scale, the rarest stone is red. There is only 1 red stone in total, which means you only have a 1.42% chance of getting it during the game. If you do locate it, however, this pays a bumper 65:1 your stake.

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