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Slot Odds at Lottomart

When you think about scoring a bumper six or seven-figure jackpot at an online casino, there’s one game type that instantly comes to mind: slot machines. Yet with so much potentially up for grabs, you might be wondering what type of slot odds are supplied by casinos – and just how difficult it is to beat the house and land a major prize.

To improve your chances of hitting it big or simply walking away with a bit of profit, it’s important you possess a fundamental understanding of how slot odds work. Online slots have never been more advanced and feature-packed which can make them difficult to predict.

Fortunately, we have listed some helpful tips when working out the odds for a particular online slot. With the right approach, you can pick the right game and increase the possibility of a profitable slot experience!

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Understanding the return to player (RTP) percentages

If you view any of the hundreds of slots available on Lottomart Games, you will see a certain figure prominently displayed: the return to player. For those unaware, the RTP details the percentage of bets that will be paid back to players on a long-term basis. In theory, if the RTP was 100%, neither the house nor the player would gain a financial advantage over the long term.

When it comes to online slots, the RTP can vary significantly. You’ll find some games with percentages in the low 90s, while others are not far off that mythical 100% mark. Due to this, it’s advised you take the time to check the RTP for a slot you intend to play and compare this against others.

Slots volatility

Volatility is another important component we highlight for every slot featured at Lottomart Games. Simply put, the volatility of a slot will dictate the frequency and value of wins when playing.

A slot with low volatility will lead to consistent wins as you play, but the value of these tends to be on the low side. On the other end of the scale, a high volatility slot won’t produce wins on a frequent basis, but when one does come around, there’s a greater chance it will result in a major prize win.

The volatility you prefer is dependent on your playstyle. If you’re happy to go an extended period spinning the reels without winning a penny in the hope of landing a jackpot, high volatility slots are a suitable pick. If you’re less of an action junkie and don’t fancy a potential barren period, a low volatility slot, with its frequent wins, is a better fit. Although if a mixture of the two is preferred, you can go straight down the middle with a medium volatility slot.

Slot par sheets

A par sheet gives players an insight into the permutations and payouts for a specific slot machine. If you ever click on the ‘Help’ button of a slot, you will often find these blueprints readily available. They can be helpful in learning more about a slot, how it functions, and the types of odds attached to winning combinations.

The typical par sheet will feature the slot’s symbols and their quantities. The number of symbols can differ drastically from slot to slot. One game might only contain 20 symbols on a reel, whereas another could have 200+. The latter means there are thousands more winning combinations possible – along with thousands more of losing ones, too.

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